Am I good Kid? | Don't Punish Me Mum

She is eight years old, her name is Alexa. The little girl with the cute smile and good talents but her life is like hell. She has a mother but her mother is not love her as her love her mother so badly. She is trying to be good kid, but she never spoil love from her mother.

Everytime her mum call her name, ALEXA, she is feeling afraid if she is doing something wrong. She is trying to be good girl, but the punish never end to her life. She can't tell to anyone, because its secret in her own life. Mum always punish her and make her body sore and hurt, tears become her best friend.

Lonely and afraid become one every mum call her name. She doesn't know what happened, why her mum always punish her so badly. "Am I not good kid," Alexa's thinking. "What should I do?"

She makes list about the good and bad herself.

The Good List
I am good girl, I always take the stuff in the right place
I always finish my food
I always take shower on time

The Bad List
I am not eat all my food 
I pretended dont hear someone speak or call my name
Sometimes I forget to take the shoes in the right place
I am rude
I always ignore someone call me
I .........................
I ........................

She is reading her list and she realize, she already make something bad in her life. That is she should change to be good kid so her mum will love her. But the harder she is trying to be good girl, she just get many troubles. 50 sign of her sin in her body. Mum always hurt her body and that is making her sad. But she realize she is not good girl.

Suddenly in the night, she got punish so badly making her can't take it anymore. She just wanna be good girl to make her mum happy and spoil her with love like her friends in school. But she never ever feel her mum spoil her with love

Jakarta, 8 March 2015


Dear mum, if your kids being naughty, punish is not the good way to you give it to your kids. Give punish with good rule and advice. Making the kids realize what their faulth. Become parents are not easy, including become kids. Making kids happy then you also can feel the same

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